US to propose major UN Security Council reform – WaPo

Washington and Moscow agree the UNSC needs greater Asian, African and Latin American representation, but the devil is in the details

US to propose major UN Security Council reform – WaPo

US to propose major UN Security Council reform – WaPo

Russia agrees the West is overrepresented, but opinions differ on how to fix it

Diplomats in Washington are developing a proposal for “overhauling” the UN Security Council, which may be presented at the September meeting of the General Assembly, the Washington Post reported on Monday, citing anonymous sources. 

“solicit feedback about a potential expansion” of the council, the Post said, adding that US officials hope this will “restore confidence in the world’s preeminent governance body by recognizing today’s diffuse map of global power.”


“evolving” but is expected to include adding six more permanent members, who would not have veto power. Officials who spoke to the Post mentioned Germany, Japan and India as possible candidates, while Britain and France want Brazil and at least one African country. 

“become more inclusive” and limiting veto power to “rare, extraordinary situations” were brought up in Biden’s General Assembly speech last September.

“remove” it from the Security Council, or “dissolve yourself.” Washington sees the second option as going too far.

“We want these institutions to work so that we can debate and try to resolve international conflicts,” one anonymous US official told the Post. “We have to be clear-eyed about the success or lack of success that we’ve had over the years, but there’s no question that we’re better off with these institutions than without them.”

“effective multilateralism,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the “current massive over-representation of the West in this crucial UN body undermines the principle of multipolarity,” and argued that the council needs “expansion of the representation of Asian, African and Latin American countries in it.” 

“Any reform of the Security Council may well reduce the weight of the West. So this is a reality,” a UN diplomat told the outlet. “And the question is, are we really pushing for that now? Is it just nice rhetoric that we want to do this, or are we really serious when we say we want to do it now?”