US embassy in Kiev fears ‘missile attacks’

The US diplomatic mission in Kiev has advised Americans to be vigilant after an attempted Ukrainian drone attack on the Kremlin

US embassy in Kiev fears ‘missile attacks’
4 May, 2023 00:08 HomeWorld News

US embassy in Kiev fears ‘missile attacks’

A security alert comes after Russia warned of “retaliation” for a suspected Ukrainian drone attack on the Kremlin

The US diplomatic mission in Ukraine’s capital has advised Americans not to ignore air alarms and shelter appropriately, warning that the security situation could deteriorate rapidly following an attempted drone attack on the Kremlin, which Russian officials have pinned on Kiev.

The US Department of State issued a security alert about a “heightened threat of missile attacks” across Ukraine on Wednesday night, citing a “recent uptick in strikes across Ukraine and inflammatory rhetoric from Moscow.” Earlier in the day, Russian officials warned of “retaliation” for Ukrainian drone attack on the Kremlin.

“Be aware that even if the incoming missile or drone is intercepted, falling debris represents a significant risk,” one of the US embassy’s safety tips emphasized.

The US diplomatic mission further added that any American still in Ukraine must have “a contingency plan that does not rely on US government assistance,” and should depart the country “when it is safe to do so.”

Two small unmanned aircraft were taken down over Vladimir Putin’s working residence using electronic warfare measures, the Russian president’s office announced on Wednesday morning. In a statement, the Kremlin described the attack as a “preplanned terrorist action” by Ukrainian forces and an attempt on Putin’s life.

Kiev has denied responsibility for the strike, while White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed on Wednesday that the US “is not encouraging or enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders.”