Ukraine expands general mobilization

Kiev is no longer sending individual draft notices but expanding the call-up to all able-bodied men, Ukrainian media outlets have reported

Ukraine expands general mobilization

Ukraine expands general mobilization

Ivano-Frankovsk and Kiev have stopped sending out individual draft notices

Residents of the Obolonsky district in the Ukrainian capital who are eligible for mobilization must report to the military recruitment offices within ten days, even if they do not receive a personal notice, the local draft commissariat said on Thursday.

reprinted by the Ukrainian newspaper Strana. Responding to the outlet’s inquiry, Privala’s office claimed the order was nothing new and that such notices were being posted regularly.

The Ivano-Frankovsk notice set a ten-day deadline for all men subject to the draft notice to report for service.

The Obolonsky district commissariat has also referred to the same ten-day deadline. Its orders apply not only to the men registered in the district, but even those residing there temporarily, according to Strana.

The expanded mobilization measures come as the long-heralded “counteroffensive” on the Zaporozhye front fails to dislodge Russian forces after more than two weeks of fighting. 

“not meeting expectations on any front,” Western officials told CNN on Thursday, while President Vladimir Zelensky acknowledged on Wednesday that progress had been “slower than desired.”