Ukraine attacks Donetsk with rockets – officials

Kiev’s troops have bombarded the city of Donetsk with rockets, officials said

Ukraine attacks Donetsk with rockets – officials

Ukraine attacks Donetsk with rockets – officials

The Donbass city was bombarded on early Friday morning, local authorities said

Ukrainian troops have struck the city of Donetsk using multiple rocket launchers, local officials told TASS news agency on early Friday morning. 

The statement came after at least five explosions were reported in the capital of Russia’s Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). 

The DPR authorities later clarified that eight projectiles were fired at the city from BM-21 Grad launchers.

Photos and videos posted on social media show that residential buildings and cars were damaged. 

A playground was hit by shrapnel and damaged by a fallen tree.

Residents earlier reported hearing loud bangs shortly after midnight. There is no information about casualties as of yet. 

Donetsk and surrounding urban areas have often come under rocket and artillery fire as they are located close to the frontline.

On Wednesday, three people were killed and two wounded in Donetsk when Ukrainian forces shelled a shop, according to Mayor Aleksey Kulemzin.