Two military planes collide mid-air in Colombia

Two Colombian Air Force aircraft have collided during a training flight Read Full Article at

Two military planes collide mid-air in Colombia
2 Jul, 2023 01:57 HomeWorld News

Two military planes collide mid-air in Colombia 

A pilot has been killed in the crash, the Air Force said

Two Colombian Air Force T-27 Tucano planes collided mid-air during a training flight near the Apiay air base on Sunday, the military said.

According to the statement released by the Air Force, one pilot, lieutenant colonel, has died.

“An inspection commission was sent to the scene of the incident in order to determine the causes [of the collision],” it said.

A video uploaded to social media allegedly shows the moment of the incident. Several aircraft are seen flying close to each other, and, at one point, a wing of one of the planes bursts into bright flames.

The pilots were reportedly practicing for a July 20 airshow in the city of Rionegro. The T-27 is a version of the Embraer 312 Tucano turboprop light attack aircraft.