Russia’s ‘geopolitical future’ at stake – Shoigu

A new class of officers is entering service as the West wages war on Moscow and arms Kiev, the Russian defense minister has said

Russia’s ‘geopolitical future’ at stake – Shoigu

Russia’s ‘geopolitical future’ at stake – Shoigu

Newly graduated officers will face fateful challenges, the Russian defense minister has said

The West is trying to break Russia with all its might and the country’s very future is at stake, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu told a gathering of graduates from Russian military academies at the Kremlin on Wednesday.

“You graduated at a crucial time for the country, when our Motherland’s fate hangs in the balance and her geopolitical future is at stake,” Shoigu said, addressing the best of the best in their class. 

“The collective West has launched an actual war against Russia, once again trying to break her with all its might. They are imposing endless sanctions, provoking unrest and military conflicts in neighboring countries, and providing massive military assistance to the Kiev regime,” the Russian defense minister added.

“the highest professionalism, maximum dedication, and the ability to quickly make non-textbook decisions and take responsibility,” as they take up service in the field.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who spoke before Shoigu, told the graduating cadets that strengthening the military is one of the Kremlin’s top priorities, to be guided by the “priceless experience” provided by the ongoing military operation in Ukraine.

“counteroffensive” using Western-supplied tanks, armored vehicles and artillery. Kiev’s forces have made little to no progress in the two weeks of fighting, while taking massive casualties, and may run out of steam by July, according to expert estimates.