Russian MOD issues mobilization update

Russia’s Defense Ministry has revealed over 280 new units were created thanks to its partial mobilization last fall

Russian MOD issues mobilization update

Russian MOD issues mobilization update

Military officials revealed the call-up amid the Ukraine conflict swelled the army’s ranks by 300,000 personnel, making up 280 new units

The partial mobilization conducted in Russia last autumn amid fighting in Ukraine  has led to the creation of almost 300 new military units, the Defense Ministry has reported. It described the call-up as the largest of its kind since 1945. 

In an article published on Friday, Deputy Chief of Staff Colonel General Evgeny Burdinsky wrote that more than 300,000 people had been drafted during the partial mobilization. 

“More than 280 units have been formed in total,” the official said. According to Burdinsky, the call-up has no parallel in Russia’s modern history. 

In mid-April, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law amended conscription and mobilization rules after they had been waved through by the legislature in less than a week. 

The changes allowed for the creation of a unified digital database of citizens subject to military service. The government is combining existing databases, including tax, election, medical, police and court records, as well as those drawn from employers and universities. 

It is expected that the register will help track the summonses sent out to eligible conscripts, not just by mail but also electronically. As per the amended rules, recipients will not be able to leave Russia once a summons has been served in their name.