Manifest More Wealth And Abundance By Clearing Clutter!

When you start clearing clutter you make space for more abundance. And: you activate what Catherine Ponder calls The Cleansing Law Of Prosperity where you attract money into your life by letting things go that you don’t need!  Let’s dive into all the ways you can prosper by letting go of clutter! [embedded content] It’s time for a big fresh start, new momentum and things moving in all the most prosperous ways! You can start the FREE Feng Shui Decluttering videos HERE to get a jump on the New Year manifesting power! xoxo!!! Dana

Manifest More Wealth And Abundance By Clearing Clutter!

Areas You Need to Declutter to Manifest Money

Decluttering your life physically and emotionally is critical to an abundant life. You cannot operate as your highest and best self with all of the "shit" around you.

Today, we're addressing the physical decluttering. Everything has energy, and there is energy around everything. The energy of the physical space around you can impact you as much as your own emotions and thoughts, so don’t make it more difficult to manifest by allowing an energy-cluttered space.

Can a decluttered space affect your ability to manifest?

It is suggested that Albert Einstein once said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” I love this quote because it reminds me to be in alignment, all the time, in every space. If you’re constantly surrounded by a chaotic mess, that is what you are manifesting into your life. Being, living, and thinking on the same frequency of the things you want to attract is what people in the wellness world like to call “being in flow”. If you have a space that is untidy and unorganized, you’re blocking the energy in that area so it becomes stagnant instead of flowing freely. As a result, any pockets of negative energy can easily become stored in the mess of your belongings.

Do you ever feel more relaxed when your house is clean? Or feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment or joy when a closet is cleaned out and organized? Have you ever cleaned or felt the need to purge when you’re experiencing a major life change like a divorce, job change, or move? This is because subconsciously, you recognize that a decluttered space is refreshing to your energy. An organized space not only allows you to feel as though you have “cleared room” for the next phase of your life, but it also gives you a sense of control. You were able to “be productive” by moving the stagnant energy that was once stuck so it could flow more easily once things were organized correctly. This is both a physical and emotional cleansing as you move through the (e)motions.

As an example, when my parents got a divorce after 35 years, it was as though my mother had unleashed 35 years of "crap" as she purged every drawer, closet, and box from the house. She felt the need to do this to help her move on by refreshing the energy of the space, and by doing so she allowed the negative energy that was harbored for years to be released.

What does clutter tell the Universe?

Another reason why you want to maintain a decluttered space is because the Universe (Goddess, God, Jesus, Alah, Plug your belief in here, etc.) will interpret your clutter as abundance. In many ways, your clutter IS abundance because you’re so blessed to have so many belongings that many can’t afford (even if YOU don't think it is "valuable".

However, if you’re trying to manifest more into your life, or to become more abundant, you need to ensure that the message is clear—you’re ready to receive more. Nothing says I’m ready to receive more of something like space... clean, uncluttered, space.

This tells the Universe that you have the room for more of what you want, but it also confirms that you respect what it has given you so far. On an energetic level, how you treat your belongings, especially within your space, communicates how you treat and respect the gifts the Universe gives you.

Are you conveying that you're grateful and appreciative, or annoyed and overwhelmed? This is another reason why practicing gratitude is so important.

You can take this energy flow discussion to a whole new level by studying feng shui, but for most of us, a reminder to declutter the areas around us is the first step we can take to surround ourselves with abundant energy.

Now that you understand the importance of decluttering your space, let’s jump into the 3 main areas you should declutter to manifest money: Your wallet, your car, and your closet.

1. Declutter Your wallet

First of all, you should have a formal place to keep your money. You need to show your money respect...and you do this by giving it a designated space and not just throwing it into the bottom of a purse or cup holder. Where does your money live? Not only within your wallet or purse, but where do you then put the wallet or purse? Is it thrown in a chair? Onto a bill of bills? Do you constantly lose it? You should keep track of and show respect for your money by having a designated space for it at home.

When I say money, I’m not just referring to cash. I’m also referring to credit cards, gift cards, change, meaningful coupons, etc. All of this “money” needs to be stored, respectfully. If you cannot afford a wallet, find somewhere or something that can keep your money organized so the energy around it is flowing. My dad always kept his money inside an upside-down baseball cap on the counter top, or his credit cards were bound together in a stack by broken rubber bands—I do NOT recommend this! Again, show your money that you value it and respect it so you can maintain a positive relationship with it and attract more of it to you.

Throwing your money “wherever” communicates a laissez faire attitude about your relationship with it which you do not want if you’re trying to attract more to you.

Now for the state of your wallet. Is your wallet or money organizer clean? Does the exterior have scuffs, deterioration, or broken clasps? If so, evaluate whether or not you can get a new one. There is an old wives tale that claims you should not keep broken things in your house or you will go broke—while I don’t take that verbatim, I believe that you should feel abundant EVERY time you look at your money... and a dirty and broken wallet does not usually make a person feel abundant. You should always be in the right state of mind when you handle money. How would you feel opening a beautifully clean wallet versus opening a wallet that is falling apart? Before you even get to your money, you are subconsciously impacted by whatever you’re housing your money in. Make sure it is a positive energy!

Think about where your money is right now, or what it is located in. Does this make you feel expansive, or do you feel restrictive? If you feel anything other than a positive feeling, you should re-evaluate where and how your money is stored. When I first started out, I would buy used name brand wallets from thrift stores that made me feel fancy and luxurious. When I would grab my wallet, it always made me feel rich and abundant to feel the wallet and see the quality. THIS is the feeling you should strive to have every time you reach for your money. You never want negative energy around your cash.

How is your wallet organized? Are you like my mother who has a busted zipper from 100+ store specific credits cards and coupons? Going back to what we were talking about earlier, you need to create space for energy to flow, and for the Universe to recognize you are open to receiving more. A stuffed or jam-packed wallet does NOT say “I have space” for anything.

I recommend that you dump EVERYTHING out of your wallet. You would be surprised how many expired gift cards coupons, and receipts you can find. Find a “home” for each card, keep your change together, and organize your cash by value. A well-organized wallet creates the right vibe that you’re looking for.

Lastly, if you’re not keeping cash in your wallet, you should be. I know that it is so easy to use credit cards and Apple Pay for everything, but having cash in your wallet will make you feel abundant each time you open it to pay for goods or services. If you can keep a $100 bill at the front, that is even better. How great would you feel if the first thing you saw in your wallet when you opened it was a $100 bill? If you can’t afford this yet, print off a fake one! Trick your brain into a feeling of gratitude every time you open your wallet. The Universe can’t tell the difference between your feeling abundant because of real money or fake money. Abundance is abundant and it attracts more.

Let’s jump into the next area of your life that should be decluttered and kept clean:

2. Declutter Your car

Think about the state of your car right now. How does it look? Are you treating it with respect? Or is there trash in the cup holders, change in the cup holders, stains on the seats, dirty clothes on the floorboard, bags of clothes that you’ve intended to donate for months, etc.? Most people spend a significant amount of time in their car. The energy in it should be cleaned and cleansed as often as your home! Additionally, keeping your car cleaned and well-maintained both mechanically AND aesthetically will make you appreciate your car more. This means you are reinforcing that positive energy every time you’re in your car. Have you ever hated a car, and began seeing everything within it go wrong? This could be because of your negative energy!

I always feel luxurious and positive about my car when I’ve taken the time to detail the interior and exterior. It makes me feel like my car is new again which evokes the feeling of wealth. Not only do I feel better in my car as a result, but I will even drive it as if it is new again without even realizing it!

This brings me to my next point. Are you treating your car with respect as you drive? Are you hitting the steering wheel, console, or dash anytime you’re angry? Think about the energy you project when you’re within the car. If you’re prone to being an angry driver, cleanse your car even more often.

As a side comment, I’d work on why you’re so reactive while driving. For most people, it usually comes down to issues with control, power, or time management issues! Identify the reason why you’re a reactive driver and work to clear that negative energy from yourself. It can only help you manifest better things!

The last area of your life to keep clean and decluttered should be:

3. Declutter Your closet

When you open your closet door, are you immediately overwhelmed with chaos? Or is everything neat and easy to find? Your belongings should be respected just like your money and your car (and everything you own, to remain abundant).

A lot of us will have piles of clothes, shoes, and whatever else thrown at the bottom of the closet. Maybe you have everything hung up, but your closet is so PACKED with belongings, that you can’t FIT anything else within it! Again, this tells the Universe that you do not have space for Gucci, Prada, Louboutin, or whatever else it is that you might want.

To quote Marie Kondo, are your current clothes, shoes, and accessories bringing you joy? If not, it is time to purge so you can make room for the things you actually want to wear.

As an example, are you holding onto clothes that “you hope to get back into one day”? If so, that’s allowing the negativity stemming from your self-consciousness to impact your wardrobe, and you’re putting those clothes on your body every day! That means you're literally dressing yourself with the negativity from your self-inflicted disappointment everyday by allowing your “overweight” clothes to co-mingle with your “thinner” clothes. You don’t want that kind of energy in there!

By the way, if you’re struggling to part with the “thinner” clothes… you have two choices —address this physically or mentally. Otherwise, you’re perpetuating negativity in a major way because these kinds of thoughts tend to overwhelm our subconscious 24/7. Additionally, I always recommend a healthy body for manifestation, but a healthy body does not always equate to your “thinner” clothes if you have or had a skewed idea of what healthy meant for you at one time (I did!). Skinny is not synonymous with healthy! You are beautiful, worthy, and enough, no matter your size. And, if you need to become a certain size in order to be happy, and thus manifest more of what you want, then please take the appropriate steps to appreciate the body you have and get healthy—whatever that looks like for you. We’re all different!

Next on the list, is it easy for you to see and find the clothes you’re looking for when you go into your closet? If not, this can easily become an annoying experience when you’re trying to find something to wear. And again, we’re all about avoiding negative energy within areas you interact with a lot! I once heard that belongings have energy, like everything else, and experience neglect on an energetic level. Make sure you don’t have clothes that you’re neglecting and holding onto for the wrong reasons that can be accumulating negative and stagnant energy!

Lastly, do the possessions in your closet make you feel rich? Oftentimes, the way our clothes and shoes are organized can do a lot to make you feel abundant. Keep your favorite and/or nicest clothes towards the front so that you feel good as soon as you open the door. If you have the ability to, buy a few luxury staples to keep displayed to add to the feeling of abundance. Remember, you can do this on a budget as well by visiting secondhand or bargain stores! But keep in mind, if the experience of buying the luxury item doesn’t feel good or causes stress, then do not make the purchase. It should feel right and positive.

Now the hard part is over!

When all of these areas are cleaned, decluttered, and organized, be sure to cleanse your space energetically as well! You’ve done so much work to get everything into alignment physically, you should aim to keep it there energetically with a good cleanse. And if you’re rolling your eyes at this, that is fine, indulge me! Why not? What is the worst that can happen other than you feel ridiculous (do it alone) or your closet smells differently after (is that a bad thing?). Just try a cleanse and see how it feels for you before and after.

As a reminder, you can cleanse your newly decluttered space with sage, palo santo, lavender, rosemary, salt, holy water, essential oils, singing bowls, crystals, etc. Whatever medium you choose, be sure to do your research to ensure that you’re not culturally appropriating. There is a lot of information out there about the inappropriate use of palo santo and sage as it relates to the indigenous tribes. Be mindful about your selection, contingent upon your beliefs and your background, and ultimately do whatever feels right! The most important thing is to have the right intention. You’ve done all of the work to clear the energy for a more positive space, so you should make sure it stays that way!