Ex-employee sues Rudy Giuliani for sexual harassment

Noelle Dunphy claims Giuliani constantly demanded oral sex and that he failed to pay her for work

Ex-employee sues Rudy Giuliani for sexual harassment

Ex-employee sues Rudy Giuliani for sexual harassment

The former Trump lawyer admitted dating Noelle Dunphy “for a while” but called her lawsuit “extortion”

Former Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani was hit with a $10-million sexual-harassment lawsuit on Monday from a former employee who claims the man once beloved as “America’s Mayor” constantly pestered her for oral sex, among other indignities, and refused to pay her as promised for her work.

Noelle Dunphy’s suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, depicts Giuliani as a frequently drunk, Viagra-gobbling sex maniac who even demanded to be orally satisfied while he was on the phone “because it made him feel like [former US president] Bill Clinton.” 

She was made to “work naked, in a bikini, or in short-shorts with an American flag on them that he bought for her,” the suit claims, adding that Giuliani would “grope her and try to initiate sexual contact” while they were supposed to be working.  

The abuse began “almost immediately” after she was hired in 2019, the lawsuit states.

Dunphy claimed to have recordings of Giuliani – then Trump’s personal lawyer – conducting sensitive business as well as making “extremely vulgar, sexual remarks, racist remarks” – about Jews, female politicians, and other targets of his ire – though her legal team refused to share them with Associated Press, claiming they were part of the litigation. 

He was allegedly selling Trump pardons for $2 million apiece, money he’d split with the president, with Dunphy instructed to refer anyone seeking a pardon to him so as to conceal them from Freedom of Information Act requests. The filing also claims she was pressured to lie to the FBI on his behalf and that she was told about a “plan” to blame Trump’s 2020 election loss on “voter fraud.

While Dunphy’s lawsuit describes her as integral to the functioning of Giuliani’s operation, running his schedule and managing his public profile, she was allegedly forced to work off-the-books - supposedly because her boss was going through a divorce with his “crazy” third wife, who would “‘attack’ and ‘retaliate’ against any female” hire of Giuliani’s. Giuliani fired her in 2021 without pay, owing her $2 million, the suit claims. 

Giuliani “unequivocally” denies the allegations, his communications adviser Ted Goodman said in a statement, explaining that one of Dunphy’s ex-boyfriends described her as “an escort that fleeces wealthy men.” He referenced multiple “prior schemes to defraud high-net-worth men,” including one alleged “fake rape claim” that netted her $5 million.

Another Giuliani representative acknowledged Giuliani dated Dunphy “for a while,” but told the Daily News she was never actually employed by him. The suit, he said, was “pure harassment and an attempt at extortion.”