Epstein continued socializing with A-listers despite conviction – media

Jeffrey Epstein’s private papers seen by the Daily Mail reveal that sex offender status didn’t hurt his social life

Epstein continued socializing with A-listers despite conviction – media

Epstein continued socializing with A-listers despite conviction – media

The convicted pedophile’s emails and calendars reveal he dined with artists, royalty, and billionaires even as a registered sex offender

The late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal conviction for soliciting sex from a minor didn’t put a damper on his busy social calendar, according to private papers surrendered by the Epstein estate to the government of the Virgin Islands and recently obtained by the Daily Mail. 

Epstein’s calendars show the financier meeting with A-listers including tech billionaires Bill Gates and Peter Thiel, music executive Tommy Mottola, artist Jeff Koons, magician David Blaine, and filmmaker Woody Allen – all after being required to register as a sex offender as part of the sweetheart plea deal that allowed him to serve less than two years under house arrest. 

Allen, whose ex-wife and her children have accused him of molesting one adopted daughter and who married his other adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, appears several times per month on Epstein’s calendars, often at dinners with guests outside the entertainment industry. Epstein's schedule also showed meetings with former Obama White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler and current CIA Director Bill Burns – then deputy US secretary of state – among others. 

Epstein frequently met with Gates while trying to set up what is described as a dark-money investment “club” with JP Morgan to lure wealthy investors who would be able to donate anonymously. The billionaire Microsoft co-foounder has strenuously sought to minimize his friendship with the predator, claiming he regrets his many visits to Epstein’s properties.

Epstein met JP Morgan’s asset management head Jes Staley over 30 times between 2010 and 2015, according to calendar entries that include repeated emphatic references to “white wine,” which the Daily Mail says could be “a possible codeword for something else.”

The banker even emailed Epstein from the latter’s private island while Epstein was serving out his part-time prison sentence, telling the temporarily-grounded predator that he was “in the hot tub with a glass of white wine” and “owe[d] him so much.”

In another email, Staley tells Epstein his daughter wants to speak to him “about her future,” explaining she was about to graduate college. “You need to be there,” the banker informs the pedophile.

In the thousands of emails between Staley and Epstein that have emerged as the Virgin Islands’ lawsuit against the banker’s former employer continues, the two men frequently discuss their love for young girls, appearing to reference certain individuals with nicknames drawn from Disney cartoons (“Snow White”) or pop culture (“Miley Cyrus”).

JP Morgan has denied the lawsuit’s claims that it facilitated Epstein’s abuse and trafficking of young girls, blaming Staley for concealing his client's nefarious activity and accusing several prominent Virgin Islands politicians of taking Epstein's cash in exchange for their silence and complicity. 

In 2019, Epstein was found dead in a jail cell in New York while awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges.