Biden calls China’s Xi a ‘dictator’

President Joe Biden called China’s leader Xi Jinping a “dictator,” claiming he was humiliated after February’s weather balloon incident

Biden calls China’s Xi a ‘dictator’
21 Jun, 2023 02:46 HomeWorld News

Biden calls China’s Xi a ‘dictator’

The jab comes just one day after America’s top diplomat concluded a rare visit to the People’s Republic

US President Joe Biden has labeled his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping a “dictator,” claiming Beijing was humiliated after one of its weather balloons accidentally strayed into American airspace earlier this year. 

“The reason why Xi Jinping got very upset, in terms of when I shot that balloon down with two box cars full of spy equipment in it, was he didn't know it was there,” Biden said. “That's a great embarrassment for dictators. When they didn't know what happened. That wasn't supposed to be going where it was. It was blown off course.”

“spy balloon,” Beijing maintains it was a civilian airship used to gather meteorological data, and that it floated off course by mistake.

“most likely” weather balloons, while the Pentagon noted that a radar adjustment had led it to misidentify the objects.

“does not seek to challenge or displace the US,” and that China expects the same from Washington.

“human rights violations” in China and the government’s “unfair” economic policies during their meeting, he also called to step up cooperation and encouraged further dialogue.