Essential Caring Tips For Aging Parents When You Are Their Only Child

When your parents get old, You have to keep a close eye on their health. Constant care is sometimes impossible especially when you are their only child and working too. Of Course one needs to work hard to meet the financial needs  There are some really essential care tips that you need to take care of when dealing with elderly parents. Either do it yourself or you can hire home care for the elderly who will take care of all the above-mentioned care tips.  Medical needs When parents start getting old, medicines and regular checkups are one of vital parts of their life. Older people suffer from various ailments and normal to heavy medications are normal in their case. So, it is important to take care of their medications as they themselves cannot keep a track of everything, they often tend to forget and skip a dose or repeat the same drug by mistake. Both the situations can have ill effects on their health. To avoid any kind of emergencies, make sure that you are taking care of their medical needs, be it regular checkups or medical equipment.  Hire professionals caregiving See, your parents are going to need constant care. Even if you think you are providing every facility from walking equipment to medical checkups etc, your parents may need a constant companion because there are tons of other intangible things that they need. Like someone to interact with, or someone who can monitor their health 24×7, who can keep them active and help them with their daily tasks. So, get elderly companion care, who is going to be there in your absence.  Home safety  Your parents’ safety should be your priority. Old people are unable to check locks and latches time and again. They barely have the strength to fight back if anyone tries to make forceful entry. So, if you need to step out every day for work, you have to ensure that your parents are completely safe in your absence. Take required measures to make your home safer for your parents. For that, you get tons of equipment like alarms that get activated on forced entry.  Make home accessible For older adults, a very important care tip is to make the home accessible for them. Remember, a slip or fall will have more severe consequences now. So, elderly care requires a lot of precautions. Look out for the structural modifications that your home may need to make things accessible for your parents. Any type of everyday task should require minimal effort. Just like your parents prepare your home for their little kid (you) so you don’t end up hurting yourself to grab things you need, making everything easily accessible. Similarly, you may have to shift furniture, remove rugs and carpets, add more bars to the shower area, etc.  Fresh ready meals You need to ensure that your parents are eating fresh meals every time. If you hire home care for elderly, they will take care of their nutrition requirement as well.  These are some care tips you need to take into consideration for your aging parents

Essential Caring Tips For Aging Parents When You Are Their Only Child

In recent years, a family caregiver who is tasked with the responsibility of solely caring for an elderly parent has some support when it comes to the workplace. Six states provide paid family leave benefits. Alternatively, employees may take time off without pay.

In Illinois, the Family and Medical Leave Act gives workers 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for a parent. The drawback is that family caregivers forgo pay. Sacrificing income when finances are most needed to tend to Mom or Dad is a difficult choice.

The Illinois Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act offers caregivers a practical solution. The Act provides employees who work for a company of any size with 12 weeks of partially paid leave for FMLA reasons. Twelve weeks allows time to develop a workable care plan for an aging parent.

Tip 2: Establish a Support System

Some caregivers without siblings to rely on for support turn to the contributions of a willing spouse. The help from a spouse is invaluable, especially when it is financially necessary that the primary caregiver continues to work. Partners are able to share the responsibility of elder care equally.

Aside from a helpful spouse, establishing a dependable support network helps the family caregiver achieve balance. The only child may reach out to a parent’s friends or neighbors to offer the senior moral support, provide rides to the grocery store or mow the parent’s lawn.

A parent who is affiliated with a faith organization is likely to have an established social network. If the parent is an active member of the organization, the adult child can turn to congregations to provide support. Members offer fellowship, prepare meals and help seniors renew their hope.

Faith-based care should not be overlooked, since they provide invaluable programs for seniors. Centers may provide memory care, hospice programs and assisted living for the aging population. Faith-based care providers offer not only spiritual programs, but social and physical recreation ones.

Tip 3: Utilize Local Aging Programs

The Illinois Department of Aging offers family caregivers local, valuable resources to help support their elderly parents. The Department’s Choices for Care Program, for instance, provides seniors and families with the chance to become acquainted with various home- and community-based services.

Solo family caregivers with aging, low-income parents might also utilize the Illinois Volunteer Money Management Demonstration Program. Trained volunteers intervene with creditors, help seniors review and pay bills and manage monthly benefits, among a host of many other finance-related services.

Family caregivers may seek resources, like the Department’s Residential Repair & Modification program, which modifies the homes of elderly individuals in efforts to promote increased safety. Renovation services are intended to make bathing, cooking and climbing stairs safer for seniors.

An only child will have an easier time ensuring Mom or Dad’s safety when the bathroom is equipped with grab bars and a shower bench, the faucets are replaced with lever handles, handrails are installed along stairs and ramps are built for improved access to the home.

Tip 4: Hire Respite Care

Respite Care Hinsdale IL

Caregivers who are an only child may also seek relief from respite care. Brief time away from caregiving responsibilities refreshes the caregiver’s outlook, energizes the individual and prepares her to return to the elderly parent with renewed focus and enthusiasm.

Respite care may be arranged with a friend who will sit with Mom or Dad as the primary caregiver spends the afternoon shopping or goes to the gym. Respite care may be arranged to cover a few hours of care, an entire day or even longer.

While a friend or volunteer may be willing to temporarily step in, respite care may also be hired from an in-home elder care agency. Professional respite workers perform care duties while the family caregiver goes on vacation for two weeks or enjoys a day with friends.

Respite care is designed to be flexible and fit into the family caregiver’s schedule. Another benefit of respite care is that services accommodate urgent needs. An only child who suddenly falls ill can rely on respite care until she recuperates and is able to return to caregiving duties.

Home Care Hinsdale ILFrequent breaks from caregiving duties are essential to maintain balance, avoid burnout and reduce physical and emotional stress. Primary caregivers have ample support from Assisting Hands Home Care. Our home care agency delivers the most compassionate respite care to seniors.

In-home respite care services benefit everyone involved, from the elderly parent to the primary caregiver. Benefits to the family caregiver include decreased risk of depression, refreshed mental and physical energy, more sleep and less stress. Caregivers also have time for their immediate families.

Rather than allow mental health issues to arise or lack of sleep steer you off course, turn to the area’s most reliable respite care services. Assisting Hands Home Care service providers are licensed, insured and bonded to give families maximum peace of mind.

Caregiving, especially for an only child, is a fulltime responsibility. Like any fulltime role, breaks are necessary. Assisting Hands Home Care respite care services reduce the stresses that accompany managing caregiving alone. Our caregivers will arrive at your doorstep whenever you call for relief.

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